Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Send-Off

In the not-so-distant past a newly married couple would be "sent off" after their wedding in a shower of rice thrown by their guests. This tradition originated in early Romans times and is meant to symbolize the guests wishing the new couple fertility and prosperity. However more recently, the practice of throwing rice has fallen largely out of practice. Contrary to urban legend, this break in custom is NOT because some poor birds will come along and stuff themselves silly with rice, ultimately resulting in said birds' untimely death. The no-rice mandate is more likely due to difficult clean-up concerns and increased likelihood of guest injury as the combination of rice and hard surfaces can result in treacherous terrain.

Despite the rules regarding rice, there is no reason that a bride and groom cannot be treated to a proper send-off. Other alternatives include:
  • throwing rose or other flower petals
  • lighting sparklers
  • blowing bubbles
  • ringing bells
  • releasing balloons
  • throwing confetti
  • waving streamers or ribbons
  • and for the adventurous, spraying silly string
For couples who still want to keeps birds in the mix there is also the option of throwing birdseed or releasing doves. While handling birds on your wedding day may seem kind of creepy or unsanitary, the resulting photographs may make the experience worth it.


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