Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Shoes

This past weekend I was talking with a bride-to-be about her upcoming wedding, when she brought up the difficulties she has had finding stylish, wearable, 'non-bridal' wedding shoes. I agree, finding wedding shoes can be very challenging; you have to take so many factors into consideration. Are they the right color; will they be comfortable; is the heel the right height; can I wear them again; are they affordable; are they fashionable! With all these factors it’s not hard to see why she is having a difficult time. To ease her frustrations, I offered to conduct some research to see what I could find on the Internet and in stores. Below are the fruits of my labor. When you view the pictures you will notice three things, 1) all the shoes have simple embellishments and are basic; I believe the less bridal the shoe the more use you will get out of it after your wedding and why not buy a pair of shoes you can actually wear again! 2) Most of the shoes are champagne in color; this was intentional as I believe champagne pairs well with any color dress (wedding or other), which means more use for your shoes after your big day! 3) All the shoes are high heels; I am a high heel girl and don’t believe in wearing bridal sneakers or ballet flats on your big day- but that’s just my opinion. All of the below shoes are currently available online or in store and only a few will break your wedding budget! Enjoy!

Clockwise from left: slingback bow shoes, Kate Spade; peep toe bow shoes, Valentino; strappy open toe sandal, Miss Me; peep toe flower shoe, Seychelles Footwear; strappy bow slingback, Jcrew; twist front peep toe, Nina, with picture from The Knot; knot front peep toe, Nina; crystal embellishment peep toe, Nina; bow front peep toe, Christian Louboutin; embellished strappy sandal, Grace, with picture from The Knot; twist front peep toe, Jcrew

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