Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridal Trousseau

A former colleague of mine gave me an article from a past issue issue of Vanity Fair that discussed the come back of the bridal trousseau. Below is a snippet of the article:

“Though the bridal dowry is now a long-since-retired custom, D. Porthault, the ultra-luxe French linen company, is bringing back another relic of an earlier era--the trousseau. The company has partnered with luggage-maker Schedoni to create a trunk stocked with everything a newly married girl might need.”

According to, the word trousseau is derived from the French term trousse meaning bundle. In Victorian times, a bridal trousseau would have included all of the possessions a girl would need to begin her marriage: bridal ensemble, jewelry, lingerie, bed linens and other household items. This bundle of goods would then be packed into a trunk or hope chest and sent off with the bride-to-be. This article made me think of all the items I would have included in my own bridal trousseau. I don't know that everything would fit into a standard trunk, so I’ll just have my husband carry the remainder. :)


Tea set, Anthropologie; wine glass, Anthropologie; sheets, Anthropologie; white bud vase, Crate and Barrel; wedding dress, Elizabeth Dye; luggage, Jcrew; glasses, Anthropologie; glass containers, Crate and Barrel; bracelets, Jcrew; books; bud vase, Crate and Barrel; chair, Macy's; mirror, Anthropologie; dessert plates, Crate and Barrel; lingerie, Victoria's Secret; shoe, Nina; vase, Crate and Barrel; pillows, World Market; duvet, Pottery Barn

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