Monday, August 16, 2010

Save Money Monday: Embossed Wedding Invitations

Saving money on printing invitations without sacrificing style can be easier than you think. One technique that you can look into is embossing. You can easily find supplies at your local craft store – the supplies seen below are from The Paper Source. The supplies you will need include:
· Decorative stamp
· Stamp pad in the color of your choice
· Embossing powder
· Heat gun
· Card stock
· Envelopes
If you decide to print the invitation before embossing, be sure to practice on some blank card stock first to get your technique down.
Step 1: Stamp the design you have chosen onto the card stock and sprinkle with embossing powder. Shake off excess powder.
Step 2: Dry with the heat gun moving slowly from section to section until everything has dried. Be careful – the heat gun can get very hot!
It’s that simple. Sure it will take some time and patience but the results will be well worth it!

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