Monday, August 23, 2010

Save Money Monday: Not Your Everyday Lunchbox

In light of the recent economy, I think it’s only responsible that we post as many money saving ideas as our pretty little heads can brainstorm. Today’s feature includes cost savings ideas concerning the menu. When reviewing your wedding budget, you will note that a large portion of your money will be spent on the food and beverages. According to, if you are planning a sit down or buffet dinner, one third of your finances will go toward the salad, bread, chicken or fish and potatoes. You may think that this is an inflexible and non-negotiable figure based on the number of your guests. But what if you wanted or needed to spend only one fourth of your wedding budget on the meal?

It is possible. I recently stumbled upon an adorable (and affordable) idea: boxed lunches. These pre-assembled items come packed with all the food a guest could need, like a sandwich, fruit and other seasonal sides. I think they’re especially perfect for outdoor weddings but could work indoors as well. Plus, these boxes give the bride and groom another opportunity to share their personality with special touches like enclosed notes, attached flowers, and printed monogram labels, among other ideas. As for containers, think “outside the box,” so to speak. While you can get foldable boxes in many colors and shapes, you could also use items like small baskets that could double as a favor.

So where does the savings come in? While you could order sandwiches or other components of the meal from a catering company, you could easily make and assemble them yourself with the helping hands of friends and family members. And, the convenience of the box alleviates the need for cooks and servers to make, distribute or replenish the food. Beyond that, you won’t be needing china or flatware as appropriate utensils can be included in the package. All these things mean you ultimately pay the venue less money. And who doesn’t want that?

Click here for instructions on how to assemble boxed lunches and ideas on how to make it your own.
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