Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Wedding Decor: Fun with Felt

I recently bought a present at my favorite store Anthropologie and was inspired by the fun gift wrapping accessory they provided. Surely there was some way to transform this into easy and inexpensive wedding is what I came up with!

The Inspiration:

These simple felt circles pull together to make a fun "bow" for your packages. But the pom-pom is so cute it can easily vamp into DIY wedding decor for your reception or shower. Here is how to make them:

The Tools:
All you really need is some felt, ribbon or string and fabric scissors.

Step One: Cut your circles. I started by cutting up a bunch of squares that were the same size as a way to easily get cirlces that were roughly the same size.

Step Two: fold each circle in half and snip two slits near the center.

Step Three: string them together on your ribbon.

Step Four: scrunch the felt into a pom-pom and secure by knotting the ribbon. You're done!

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