Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Petals: The Perfect Bouquet for Your Wedding

Your floral bouquet can reflect your wedding style as much as your dress, the location of the wedding, and the theme. There are various styles of wedding bouquets that can show off your creativity. Here are some popular options to get you started!
The Traditional Bouquet: This bouquet of flowers is the most popular and consists of a variety of flowers, or, all of the same flower bunched together and wrapped in a satin ribbon. The stems of the flowers are barely seen, or are cut short so just the ends of the stems show below the ribbon. The flowers can be different sizes, shapes, and colors which makes this style very easy to work with. It is also easy to carry, and looks great with lots of colors or flower types.

The Presentation or Arm Bouquet: This bouquet consists of long stemmed flowers such as roses, lilies, or orchids that the bride simply carries on either side of her arm, much like a mother would carry a baby. Brides who don’t like a lot of fuss with their bouquets are sure to love this one.

The Round Bouquet: The round bouquet is also a fairly popular bouquet style for brides who want the simplicity of the traditional bouquet. This bouquet is arranged in a circular shape that shows off flowers from every angle. The flowers are usually very close together to give a neat appearance as well. Bonus: this bouquet style provides a "slimming" effect for the bride!

The Cascading Bouquet: This bouquet can also be called a waterfall bouquet by the way the flowers drop from the top of the bouquet to however length the bride wishes. This bouquet holds many flowers and often includes greenery for an added effect. For brides who love lots of flowers and want something dramatic, this is the perfect bouquet.

The Hand Tied Bouquet: This bouquet is similar to the traditional bouquet in the way that a variety of flowers can be used and much creativity can be put into it. The flowers are made to look like they have been freshly picked from a garden with long stems and hand-tied single ribbons, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

After choosing the style of your bouquet you can add a little something special to make it your own  such as ribbons, sparkle, greenery, or metal hardware and jewelry. Some other ideas I found to make your bouquet your own; adding blue flowers for your "something blue," matching your flowers to the scenery around you (such as ambers, browns, yellows and oranges, for a Fall wedding), creating a unique sculptural effect by curling silver wire in between your flowers, or even holding your flowers in a small basket, metal flower vase, or tied by a string or ribbon for easier carrying.
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