Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Online Magazines

If you've read our profiles on our website you know that one of us (me, Rebecca) is obsessed with wedding and design blogs, but I'm also obsessed with magazines. I've recently discovered online magazines, which are basically like a really long blog, and I wanted to share two of my favorites! Two things I love about online magazines are 1) they are currently free as they are funded by advertising and 2) almost everything on the page has a url behind it, find something you like and want to learn more just click on it to be taken to the product's website! Genius!

This is a great magazine for a newly married couple. It discusses entertaining, decorating a new place and cooking among other topics.

Tons of new, creative ideas and many could be turned into wedding decor.

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  1. thank you design guru! I can't wait to read these!!