Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Marriage 101

A few months ago Something White hosted a workshop called Wedding Day 101 with all sorts of tips and tricks for getting through the big day with style and poise. It goes without saying however that having a great marriage is far more important than having a great wedding (although why not try for both eh?)

To that end, Chad and I attended a marriage preparation retreat this past weekend. While spending 8 hours with a bunch of other engaged couples didn't seem like the ideal Saturday plan in the end we found it really valuable and ended up having a lot of fun. We went over topics including communication, family, finance, faith, household responsibilities and marriage expectations.

One of the days biggest insights for me came from a quiz we took based on the book, The 5 Love Languages. We were surprised to discover which of the languages we each use to communicate love and which of the languages best communicates love to us. Curious how you and your honey shake out? Take the quiz here.

So far wedding planning has been going pretty smoothly with no major differences of opinion but should we come to blows about anything in the next few months I will likely be back on this site taking the Languages of Apology assessment next :)

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