Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: The Registry

Although considered tacky by some, I have always been a fan of the wedding registry. My mom points out that when she got married registries were for fine dining items only, and for the rest of the house, gift-buyers were on their own. Although I certainly feel that all gifts should be gratefully received, I think registries in their current form are a boon for both the gift givers and receivers. Guests save time selecting a gift and won't have to take a family poll to see what others are purchasing, and couples are less likely to receive five toasters. Everyone wins :)

Ad in a 1960s edition of Brides magazine
Beyond my modern-minded approach to registries however I hadn't really given them much thought. But when relatives eager to shower us with gifts started calling to see what we were signed up for I figured we had better get started. Confident that I knew my way around a Bed, Bath and Beyond we decided to stop in and get registered while we were out and about this past Monday (thanks President's Day!). Boy was I wrong...

Our first real hurdle came in the knife block section. A quick call to my mom confirmed that a 16-piece knife block for $50 was not the kind of stuff to last us through the long haul. It also confirmed that we should have done a little more homework to see where to go for higher quality items (and how to determine quality) and where something middle of the road is just fine.

To help you out, here are some resources that will guide you in the selection process and avoid what Chad went through on Monday which was basically him having ants in his pant while I was on the phone with my mom who was looking up knife block product reviews. Word to the wise - this will NOT win you any points with your intended....

For more product guides check out the wealth of resources here. Happy shopping!

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