Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Wedding Shoes!

After picking out the dress I think the next most exciting part of the ensemble is shoes (and in the case of bridesmaids they may even trump the dress!) Thus my shoe search began almost before my gown search did. I knew I wanted to gift my maids some fabulous shoes for the big day as well. Our colors are yellow and gray but the girls are going to wear gray dresses and (ta da!) yellow shoes.

After quite a bit of online searching, I stumbled across these gems on the Nina Shoes website:

Evelixa Shoe in Canary
I thought these shoes were gorgeous and determined to get a pair for myself as well! Unfortunately I am not the only one that thinks so as they are currently on backorder!!! Here's hoping that the good folks at Nina shoes are mass-producing yellow shoes as we speak.

While you are on the Nina website the other thing you should check out are their custom-designed shoes. They provide great options as there are several styles available but you can choose your heel height and colors, right down to the color of your sole. Great option for a girl who wants to incorporate color (or that something blue) with her shoes but would still prefer to wear a more neutral color.

Design Your Own Kyleen Shoe

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