Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Invitations

When starting to look for invitations I perused quite a few online sites and binders of invitations that were lovely and also offered quite a bit of variety in terms of the style and set-up. In the end however I opted to get my invitations custom-designed by Ting*. Not only did this prove to be a more economical choice than many of the other options I looked at, but it also allowed me to modify the design until it was just right!

To get things rolling we sat down for a consultation, and after discussion our wants and needs Ting* presented three different concepts as a starting point that ranged from very simple/traditional

to more cutting-edge.

In the end we pulled elements from the various designs and landed on what will look something like this after all is said and done.
In creating invitations, here are a few tips that go without saying, but that bear repeating:
- You don't need as many invitations as you will have guests since many will be addressed to more than one person
- Proofread! Makes sure you have included a date/time for each event. If any phone numbers are included, dial them to make sure they are correct. AND have a friend give them a once-over as well.
- Weigh your invitations. With so many pieces they will likely cost more to post than your typical letter and you don't want to get a bunch of invites returned in the mail.

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