Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Getting Ready

Our wedding day was so wonderful and I am happy to report that the photos by Andrew Jordan Photography really captured the day beautifully. In fact there are SO MANY photos that I love I will be posting them on our blog in a few phases. So for now here are my favorite pictures of the preparation:

The "Reveal" for my Dad

Chad and his brother chilling

Dressing the ring bearer

Anyone who's been to the shop knows I am picky about bows  :)

I actually got this Something Blue idea from an earlier post on this blog

Glad they got a shot of our Wedding 101 Survival Kit - - it sure came in handy!

Good thing I had my ring bearer/nephew Tommy to carry my train as we boarded the bus!

Walking with the kids and the girls

High Five! Auntie Karin's getting married today
Here are my tips for the getting ready part of your day:
- Give yourself plenty of time. You may already be a bit on edge and rushing is the last thing you want.
- Have food available! We had plenty to munch on and good thing - be sure to eat something before you leave for the ceremony because once those butterflies are gone you will be hungry again!
- Speak up: if you don't like how your hair/makeup is going don't wait until it's too late - ask to look in the mirror at regular intervals so you can make any changes along the way.
- Have champagne on hand - we had to track some down when I decided that a mimosa would be just the thing to calm my nerves
- Don't leave too early. While you want plenty of time to get ready you will be more comfortable cooling your heals at home than crammed in a small room before your ceremony. Although you ceremony coordinator my suggest otherwise I think that 10-15 minutes is plenty!


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I love your flower girl dress, more info please and thank you for sharing your beautiful pics! Here is to a happy life!

  2. Thanks so much! I loved the flower girl dress too - it looked adorable on her and comes in tons of color combos - we don't have a sample in shop but you can order if through Something White if you are interested. Stop in or give a call :) 216.447.9620