Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coffee Favors

In honor of National Coffee day (the happiest day of the year if you ask me) I have decided to blog about DIY coffee favors. Chad and I LOVE coffee so we knew we had to incorporate this into our wedding day. Here is how you can replicate:

- Mini coffee bags. I actually had a really hard time tracking these down and eventually found them at N State Packaging - I chose the 2 oz. bags.
- Coffee - lots of it. We chose the big 24oz bags of Costa Rican blend coffee (which was delicious by the way!) from World Market since we were going to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. Bonus: If you join the World Market Explorers club you earn future bags of free coffee!
- Stickers - I had these printed at Vistaprint and was able to customize one of their templates to include an engagement photo (of me pouring Chad a cup of coffee) and our last name to create "VanCure Breakfast Blend" labels.

- Tape or tin ties - the stickers were not as ideal for sealing the bags as they were for just being cute, so we ended up sealing them with tape. You can also order the tin ties from N State Packaging.
- Friends - the assembly is a bit time consuming so call in the troops to help!

Once you have all of your supplies simply fill the bags with coffee, tape shut and affix a sticker. A few tips:
- before filling the bags, make sure they are open wide by using a blunt object - like the wrong end of a wooden spoon - to open the folds.
- I thought it was helpful to dump the bags of coffee into a large plastic pitcher and fill the bags from the spout. I am sure a large funnel would also work but I had not thought that far ahead :)
- Don't overfill - it makes it too hard to close the bag.

All in all I thought the favors turned out great, I knew that the coffee was good, and at about $1.10 each there were still more cost-effective than other options that you can buy pre-made and personalized.

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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Thank you so much for posting this. My finace and I love coffe! I was racking my brain on how to make cost efficient coffee favors for our wedding. Thanks again!