Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Bride

The Couple: Jackie and Joe
The Gown: I.D. Collection by Caroline DeVillo
Photographer: Genevieve Nisly

Karin and I always discuss how much we love our brides, they all have such great visions for their weddings and most are very hands on and DIY. Case in point, our beautiful bride Jackie! Karin and I would swoon over the details she would share with us when she was in our shop for a fitting or picking out a sash but what transpired is more than we imagined! Look at the below photos, taken by amazing photographer Genevieve Nisly, and tell me you don't love the details- painted signs, gloves, painted boxes, red lips- love, love, love! Be sure to check out Genevieve's blog for all the photos and congratulations Jackie and Joe!

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