Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mail-Order Wedding Flowers

I recently stumbled across this company on Wedding Wire and was very intrigued by their product - mail order flowers. Apparently brides can get flowers from Bridesign (at a discount) delivered to them two days before the wedding. Here's how it works:

Bridesign has a patented shipment box for shipping flowers. it keeps them securely in place and can withstand up to 600 lbs!

 The items in the box are secured and labeled. Instructions and flower food are also provided.

In terms of price here is what I discovered. For $500 (not sure if shipping is extra...) you get 1 hydrangea bridal bouquet, 1 grooms boutonniere, 5 hydrangea bridesmaid bouquets, 1 toss bouquet, choice of small flower girl bouquet or petals, and 9 other corsages/boutonnieres.

 For another $755 you can deck out your reception with 12 hydrangea centerpieces.

Feel like saving even more or getting a little DIY - Bridesign also offers bulk flowers.  What do you think? Have you ever heard of someone who used this or a similar floral option?


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