Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bachelorette with a Twist

This past weekend we attended the bachelorette party of a high school friend and it was a refreshing twist on the standards. The scene of the bash was Gatherings Kitchen in Lakewood, a catering/cooking instruction locale. We started off being divided into team (well really we started off putting on cute aprons and helping ourselves to our byob cache, but I digress) to prepare the various items on the nights menu. I was making the grilled pizza appetizer and Rebecca worked on the risotto starter. The resident chef provided instruction and guidance but one we had the hang of it stepped back to let us do our thing.
The kitchen

Pizza Making Lesson

We give it a try
My job was grilling the pizza

What some of the other reams were up to:

After having some pizza we all came back for a hands on lesson in pasta making, then it was time to feast!

Pizza Apps - yum!

Pasta making lesson:

The menu:
Risotto with grilled asparagus and shrimp
Mixed greens with goat cheese
Spinach and cheese stuffed tenderloin (or grilled veggie stacks) with fresh fettucini alfredo
Marscapone ice cream with chocolate ganache

The table where we feasted!

Dessert - yum!!

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