Thursday, September 6, 2012

Save your Remnants!

When you are planning your wedding it is unlikely that you are factoring in your future children's christening and wedding wear. However a few (or many) years after you say "I do" you may wish you had. We've all heard of using your wedding gown to create a child's christening outfit but if you're like me the thought of taking shears to your dress is cringeworthy.

Fortunately when I got my gown alterations I asked the seamstress to return the extra fabric taken off from the hem. Now I am incorporating my wedding dress into my son's christening outfit without cutting my gown!
The collar is made from my wedding gown fabric.

Other keepsake ideas: incorporating your gown fabric into your daughters wedding dress, creating a ring pillow to be used at family weddings, incorporating into a quilt or pillow, and incorporating into an outfit you can wear on your anniversary. The possibilities are endless so when you get your alterations don't forget to plan ahead!

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