Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Chance to Wear Your Wedding Gown Again

 We say it all the time: it's a shame you only get to wear your wedding gown on your wedding day. Try as we might very few brides are actually able to find a way to incorporate their wedding gown into an anniversary dinner or other outing and although we have all made the joke I have never actually worn my gown while vacuuming.

Fortunately for you Something White brides we started what we hope will be an annual tradition last year and want to once again invite you to participate: The Boutique Bridal Bazaar Fashion Show!

In planning last years Boutique Bridal Bazaar, an annual avant-garde bridal extravaganza put on by Something White, we knew we HAD to have a fashion show to parade our most gorgeous gowns for all to see. However that also meant we needed models, and who better to show off our gowns than the brides who wore them.

So once again ladies, here's your big chance to don that gorgeous dress in public and have it be totally socially acceptable!  A few notes:
- Since it is a fashion show we can only include gowns that we still carry. If your pretty pretty dress has been discontinued we can't tempt future brides with something they can't have. :(
- Brides and their gowns are first come first served - if two brides who wore the same gown are interested in participating we will go with the first bride to contact us so sign up ASAP!
- You will need to be available January 20th from approximately Noon until 2:30.
- Something White will take care of dolling you up with professional hair styling.

You better believe I participated too!  Here I am hanging out with my hubby (and my tiny-at-the-time baby bump!) before the show. If only he had been wearing his suit!
So that's it ladies, if you want to snatch up the chance to wear that fabulous dress again just send me an email at I know I am excited to see you in your dress again too!

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