Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Drink on Me!

I just love this idea (brought to my attention our friendly local New York Life agent today)! Two Cleveland-area sisters were dissatisfied with the current array of delivered gifts and so decided to create a way for friends to treat friends to a drink (or cup of coffee, or bowl of soup...) even if they don't have the ability to physically delivery it themselves.

A Drink on Me delivers a variety of cocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages as part of a cute gift set.  I thought this had some great applications for those in the midst of being in or planning a wedding. Often weddings bring with them a whole host of anciallary events, and if a friend or bridesmaid is unable to attend a shower or bachelorette party becuase of distance or other committments, you can still treat the bride to a drink! Here are my favorite drink options:

Wine Down (white)
This one comes with brie!
Ale-ing For A Break!
To Perk You Up! (w/ Kaluha)
Coconut Delight!
If you want to send someone a drink visit and use the code "drinks10" to save 10%

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