Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super 8mm Wedding Video

An acquaintance of mine recently emailed me her friend's wedding video and it was far different from the wedding videos I was used to. A keen eyed cinematographer captured all her special moments still pictures just couldn’t; the deep breath she took after she finished dressing, her pensive look as she wrote her fiancĂ© a letter, the long embrace from her mom before she walked down the stairs and the fun game of rock, paper, scissors she and her fiancĂ© played to decide who would say their vows first. These captured moments were captured on Super 8mm film, making it even more unique. Super 8mm is a motion picture film that feels and looks like an old home movie from the 1960’s. It usually has black and white, grainy, vintage pictures with no audio but a lot of character. It is the perfect way to capture all the intimate moments you will want to relive again and again.


Click Here to watch the Super 8mm
Old Timey Films



  1. What an amazing idea! I soooo wish I would've done this for my wedding! Good luck with everything - can't wait to stop by when you're officially open for business! :-)

  2. Thanks Amanda - we hope to see you at the shop soon (b/c that will mean we are done with construction :)Karin