Monday, May 24, 2010

The Latest on Construction

We at Something White (and all of our fabulous helpers!) have been hard at work getting ready to open the shop. Here is a look at what has been accomplished since our last construction update.

My grandpa finished putting in some swanky new tile!
Rebecca's dad finished putting up lights on the bottom floor and our wonderful drywallers Chris and Vince got to work:

We pulled up the carpet in the gown room and (gasp!) discovered some old linoleum that had been installed using tar-paper. Luckily a few text messages later we had quite a few volunteers to help with the thankless job of scraping it up. Thanks again!
After a little sign cleaning and painting, our sign was installed. And thank goodness as the cleaning/painting portion of this operation was a bit scary!
The end result:

And last but not least we got some new electricians/all-around handy guys to finish our electrical work upstairs:

~ Karin


  1. Very impressive improvements, Karin and Becky. The sign looks fantastic against that beautiful Ohio sky!

  2. Rebecca10:10 AM

    Great sign!

  3. Sharon Vairetta10:40 AM

    So excited for you girls! Can't wait to see the finished shop!

    Welcome back home.