Friday, July 16, 2010

Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Everyone knows that green is the new black, but can it be the new white too? For those of you out there who are doing your part to protect the environment in your daily lives and would like to do the same with your big day, here are some "green" ideas to get you thinking:
  • Limit the use of paper: A lot of paper, and often the non-recyclable variety, can go into planning a wedding, but the conscientious bride and groom can keep it to a minimum. Forgo a paper "Save the Date" in favor of an electronic announcement, keep your program to one page, or just scrap it in general, and limit the number of envelops, tissue paper, etc. that are used in your invitations. Check out the new variety of "Seal and Send" invitations - not only are they easy to assemble and send out, they save on paper too by encapsulating all of the normal parts of an invitation in a self-mailing set-up.

  • Cut down on disposable products: check with your caterer to ensure that you are serving food and beverages in reusable serve-ware. Added bonus: using non-disposable items adds a classy touch to your day.
  • Clear the air: A large guest list and ceremony and reception sites that are across town from each other can equal a lot of pollution as guests drive back and forth. Consider hiring a shuttle to transport guests en mass, hold your events at nearby locations or even all at the same place.
  • Green favors: Make a lasting "green" impression on your guests by making a donation to your favorite earth-friendly cause in lieu of favors.
Check back for more green wedding ideas soon!

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