Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Theme Thursday: The Winery

If you would like your wedding to have a theme, hosting your reception at a winery can easily accomplish your goal and do so with a kind of inherent rustic charm. More good news: even those of us not living in Napa can pull it off. According to the directory of wineries at, there are wineries located in all 50 states, and you may even find that a smaller, less commercial winery can bring more charm to your special day than those that are well-known. If you do decide to pursue a winery theme, here are some ideas for getting it just right. The below photographs are from a wedding held at Thorn Creek Winery in Aurora, Ohio:Scattering smooth stones among the place cards established a theme of rustic elegance as soon as guests walked in the door.

Flowers and colored linens in earthy tones complemented the setting.

Simple flowers and vine-like leaves adorned the cake.
The tent worked out perfectly for this wedding, but be sure to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather. Although this September evening was a bit chilly, the winery provided heat lamps, lit fireplaces, and provided cozy wool blankets for guests to curl up in.
As dark fell, twinkle lights transformed the winery into a midsummer night's dream.
Other ideas to consider:
Clockwise from top left: If there are trellises on the property that do not already have flowers growing on them simply add them; This elegant window frame backdrop was set up behind the bride and groom; Scatter small tables throughout the grounds providing places for guests to sip wine and mingle; Placing a couch, chairs, and coffee table outside on the grounds enhanced the surreal setting.

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