Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Time: Tea Length Wedding Dresses

In my house I have a wall of 18 black and white photos that are framed and arranged in a grid over my couch. The objects in the pictures range from family vacation spots to my cat Buster to two of my favorite pictures—my grandparents on their wedding days. None of my grandparents had grand, elaborate weddings like you tend to see today; their weddings were low key, uncomplicated and yet both my grandmothers wore very stylish wedding dresses. My one grandmother wore a tea length, lace, ¾ length sleeve dress and I have always loved how it conveyed sophistication, beauty and elegance while still being casual.* While I ended up with a full length wedding dress which I absolutely adored, I still love the idea of wearing a tea length wedding dress for a casual, elegant, down-to-earth wedding. Since my nuptials, I have found a handful of dresses I would have been delighted to wear on my big day. Below are some of these finds and hopefully if you are looking for a short or tea length wedding dress this post will make your search a little bit easier!

Short wedding dresses from The Steven Birnbaum Collection:

Lou Lou

Tea-length gowns from Fancy New York


Short and tea-length dresses from Priscilla of Boston's Vineyard Collection


*I tried to post the picture of my grandmother’s wedding dress but unfortunately, the old photograph could not be scanned.

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  1. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I love these wedding dresses, I am getting married next month and definitely have to get something like this. I found amazing casual dresses online too!