Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Non Strapless Wedding Dress

If you're getting married and you've started looking for a wedding dress you've probably noticed that the majority of dresses out there are strapless. Strapless dresses are considered the most flattering cut on every body type which is probably why designers have honed in on this style and continue to make them. But what if you don't want strapless, what if you're the type of girl that wants spaghetti straps or off the shoulder or v-neck or boat neck? These styles are out there they are just a bit harder to find in the sea of strapless. Here at Something White we strive to carry a variety of gowns some are strapless but a lot are not. Below are some of my favorite non- strapless wedding dresses. I hope they help those looking to cover their shoulders!

Top Row: Caroline DeVillo "Breanna"; Steven Birnbaum "Kristen";
Lela Rose "The Brownstone" Vineyard "Rita"; Vineyard "Lindsey"
Bottom Row: Lela Rose "The Falls"; Fancy "Brooke"; Fancy "Linda"
Lela Rose "The Lighthouse"; Vineyard "Tasha"


  1. Great post! I struggled with finding a non strapless wedding dress too and had to drive from Cleveland to Chicago to finally find one that I loved. I agree that Priscilla of Boston has a great selection!

  2. Agree.!! strapless dresses are very popular these days.