Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Movies

Your time has arrived – after dreaming for years of your wedding day you are now in the midst of planning it. However, even the most un-zilla-like bride can tend to discuss said wedding plans far more than some of her friends and family can maintain the enthusiasm to hear them. If you suspect that your friends have reached their limit, fear not – there is another outlet for your wedding gusto. Wedding movies! Pop in a DVD, sit back and swathe yourself in wedding plan bliss. Here are some of our favorite wedding-themed movies to get you started:

Father of the Bride
The ultimate in wedding viewing delight. Enjoy the antics of Steve Martin as George Banks as he prepares for the marriage of his only daughter.

High Society
Some would argue that the original (The Philadelphia Story) trumps the later musical. I suppose they both do the job in terms of kicking back with a nice wedding movie, but something about Grace Kelly as haughty socialite Tracy Lord tips the scale for me. Worth watching just for the loveliness of her tea-length wedding dress.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The perfect movie for the bride whose family is too involved in her wedding plans!

The Wedding Planner
Okay, okay. So maybe a movie that ends with the original bride leaving in a cab and the groom leaving with the wedding planner is not the best viewing choice for a bride to be. Still good for wedding inspiration though.

Mystic Pizza
Beginning and ending with a wedding with lots of romantic drama and girlfriend bonding in between.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Any bride-to-be who was kidnapped by a man she barely knew and holed up on the wrong side of an avalanche for months can relate to this musical gem. The rest of us will enjoy the brothers courting antics and resulting weddings. Special bonus soundtrack for June brides.

Sweet Home Alabama
Sigh….marrying the perfect man. Always an enviable situation unless you are in love with two. Will former country girl turned city princess Melanie choose her suave fiancé or her charming ex?

Emma Woodhouse is a well-to-do young woman who takes great delight in meddling in other people's affairs - especially when it comes to matchmaking. Enjoy her scheming in this charming movie based on the classic novel by Jane Austen.

27 Dresses
Perhaps this is more a movie for bridesmaids than brides, but if you’re in the market for a theme wedding the pageant of dresses will surely get you thinking.

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