Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorite Wedding Favors

There is some debate as to the necessity of offering a wedding favor to guests at your reception. Here is our take: favors are a lovely way of thanking your guests for being part of your wedding day. However, if money is tight they can be eliminated. If you do decide to offer favors, the best way of proceeding is to give your guests something they can actually use – if you are going to spend money on something it should at least be something that your guests will keep around. Strict etiquette would require one favor per person but depending on the item, I would find it appropriate to offer one per couple. Here are some “usable” favor ideas to get you started:

The old standby: matchbooks

Multi-purpose favors: the base of these namecard holders were filled with customized M&Ms

Something sweet: personalized honey

For the couple that loves to cook: mini bottles of olive oil

For the wine aficionados: engraved wine keys
For the fun-loving couple: a wedding day brew

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