Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking the "Book" out of Guest Book

If you’re anything like me you want everything in your wedding to have a second life. For example, your wedding dress can become a christening gown, your wedding shoes can be worn with other lovely dresses and your husband’s suit can be worn to work! Why spend all this money on pretty things that can only be used once! It should be the same with your guest book. I think it would be great to have a guest book that can be used again as decoration or art so you are continually reminded of the loved ones that shared in your special day. Below are some distinct guest book ideas that can turn into something unique and beautiful after your big day.
Typewriter: This is my new favorite guest book! Buy or borrow a vintage typewriter and have each guest type their first and last name. After your wedding you can frame the pages and hang them on your wall! Pictures from Snippet and Ink and Brooklyn Bride

Guitar: This was actually an idea my husband and I used for our wedding! Since he used to be in a ska band and we both love music, we decided to use one of the guitars from his band days and repurpose it as a guest book. The guest book guitar now hangs in our foyer and is a great conversation piece. Pictures from The Knot and personal photo
Postcards: My friend did this at her wedding and I thought it was such a great idea! She bought cheap vintage inspired postcards from the post office and placed a stamp on each one. Her guests then filled out a postcard, writing personal messages to the couple. At the end of the night her maid of honor collected all of the postcards and gradually mailed them to the couple over the next year. Once all of the postcards had come she put them into an album, and she now keeps it on her coffee table. Pictures from The Knot and The Fairmount Bride

Quilt: This would be a great idea for a rustic or vintage wedding and for a crafty bride. You can either build the quilt before your wedding and have guests sign anywhere, or you can provide the fabric pieces and build the quilt after your wedding. Whichever way you choose, it can become an heirloom you pass down from generation to generation making the quilt larger with every wedding. Pictures from Wedding by Color, Bride and Baby Favors and The Knot

Rocks: This is an inexpensive and easy idea, especially for an outdoor wedding. Collect smooth rocks from your wedding site, or if needed, purchase them from a local craft store. Have each guest sign a rock. After your wedding, put all of the rocks into a glass container and put it on your mantel. Instant decoration that has a lot of meaning. Pictures from and Ira Lippke Studios
Wine Bottles: This is a great idea for a vineyard or winery wedding. Take multiple bottles of wine and have each guest sign using a silver or gold colored pen. Then on each anniversary, open a new bottle! But don't forget to save the bottle once the wine is gone and use it as a vase or other decoration. Pictures from Wedding by Color and Vin Vini Vino

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  1. What a great post!! I wish I would have thought of some of these when I got married! But I do still get to look at our matted engagement picture that everyone signed, everyday and it brings back a lot of great memories! I think my favorite idea is the postcards-so unique!