Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicago Bridal Market

Rebecca and I are currently preparing to attend the NYC Bridal Market this weekend. A few weeks ago we decided to get our feet wet by attending the Chicago Bridal Market.

Our first stop: Fancy and a nice visit with the fabulous Nato brothers!
We fell in love not only with their vintage-chic designs but also with the duo themselves. Placing our order was tricky because with so many fabulous wedding dresses it was hard to stay within our buying budget! Luckily we sorted it all out and can't wait for these gorgeous confections to be in our shop!
For the time being we are still just staring wistfully at their adorable headpieces and can only hope that they will be making their Something White debut sooner than later.

Our next stop was at Birnbaum & Bullock where we purchased sample bridal gowns from the recently launched Stephen Birnbaum collection. We went to this appointment with a good idea of what we were going to select, but after checking out their new collection we could not help but add some of these beauties! Many thanks to the lovely Amber who modeled several wedding dresses more than once at our request while we hemmed and hawed.

Rebecca convinced the Birnbaum & Bullock folks to add a sash to this dress for our order - what do you think of the addition?
Finally we went to visit our good pal Jeff, husband of veil designer extraordinaire Jennifer Leigh. Good man that he is, he stepped back so that we could carry out our now established decision-making routine...
...which of course included trying on some of the merchandise ourselves!

With the Windy City under our belts, we're off to the Big Apple this Friday. Be sure to check back here or follow us on Twitter to see what we're up to and get the latest Bridal Industry scoop!

~ Karin

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