Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Wedding Ideas: Part 2

As promised in our Nice Day for a Green Wedding Post, here are some more green ideas:

Green Fashions
There are a few green options to consider when it comes to purchasing a wedding gown:
  • Vintage: Vintage is green because it cuts down on the manufacturing and resources needed to make a brand-new wedding dress. While it may not necessarily save you any money you can discover some truly breathtaking and one-of-a-kind gowns. Check out the vintage bridal gowns at TheFrock.com
  • Previously owned gowns: With the same green benefits of vintage gowns a previously owned gown will likely help you keep a little extra green in your pocket as well. You can borrow from a friend, wear a family gown, or peruse shops specializing in this genre. Rebecca and I love White Chicago.
  • Cotton wedding dresses: while a cotton wedding dress is somewhat less-green than the aforementioned options you will have an easier time finding something that fits. To get started in your search, check out The Cotton Bride.
Green Invitations
Reduce your consumption with invitations made of 100% recycled paper and allow your guests to help keep the earth green with flower-seed infused invites. Soon your guests will be able to enjoy some lovely wildflowers while remembering your big day.
To further cut down on paper waster, direct guests to a personalized wedding web site with directions and accommodation information rather than including this information on separate paper inserts.
Organic flowers
Wedding flowers typically cost a pretty penny to begin with, but if you committed to making your wedding as green as can be and can swing the added expense, consider using organic flowers for your bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers. Visit http://www.organicbouquet.org/ for ideas.

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