Friday, April 16, 2010

Hanging Out with Caroline DeVillo

On Wednesday we went to hang out at Caroline DeVillo's retail space/design studio. We love visiting there A. because Caroline and Kaitlind are so great and B. because we always get to work on some hands-on projects and learn a lot!

We watched Caroline and Kaitlind cut some wedding gowns out (including altering patterns to make the gowns to the brides measurements - how cool are they!)
Rebecca hard at work cutting out lace appliqués - we now have tons of respect for all of the work that goes into wedding gowns with lace appliqués!
We also got to cut and press tulle for Caroline's popular cage veil - here I am hard at work:
And, to top it all off we got to take some of the completed pieces from our sample order!
The beautiful "Jane" shrug made of Alencon lace.
Madeline - the very dress that gets the Alencon lace appliqués we had been cutting!
Look how pretty the train is (thanks Rebecca for modeling!)
And, one of my personal favorites - Bella (although I have to admit I did not get her "best side" due to an unruly petticoat...)
She has a pretty Chantilly lace bodice:
And, my favorite part - long ribbons that hang down the front with covered buttons on the end:
In some ways I think I will be quite sad when the shop is up and running as right now these gowns are hanging on the back of my bedroom door!



  1. Gorgeous dresses!! Can't wait til they come to Cleveland!

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Awesome! I can't wait to see your shop in person!