Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National Etiquette Week

In honor of National Etiquette Week (May 10-14) we thought we would post some wedding scenarios with the proper etiquette response from The Emily Post Institute, the guru of etiquette and manners for 89 years. First up proper etiquette for sending a wedding gift:

Question: As a guest you have one year after the wedding to send the couple a wedding gift?

Emily Post Answer: No, not really. The idea that you have a year in which to send a wedding gift is a myth. Ideally, you should either send your gift before the wedding or bring it to the reception. If you haven’t given a gift by the time the wedding is held, send one as soon as you can. And while I’m not endorsing the one-year rule, the bottom line is: Better late than never. I’ve heard from a lot of couples who are really hurt that one of their guest didn’t send a present. This isn’t about greed for gifts; the fact is, lack of a gift translates into a feeling that the guest must not care enough to bother. In the end, it’s always best to send a gift—no matter how late it is—along with a note apologizing for the delay. 

For more wedding etiquette from the Emily Post Institute click here.
Image from A Gift Wrapped Life

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