Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Non-Attendant Wedding Roles

Trying to involve lots of friends and family in your wedding day but don’t want the procession down the aisle to take 30 minutes? There are plenty of ways to involve others in non-attendant roles:

Reader: If you are having readings or poetry recited at your wedding you can invite friends or family outside the wedding party to be the orator.

Musician: If you are close with people who are musically inclined, invite them to share their talents at your ceremony or reception – it may even save you money over hiring professionals!

Program/Favor Distributor: this is an especially good role for little ones and adults alike.

Guest Book Attendant: if you have a receiving line ask a friend to invite those in attendance to sign the guest book while they wait to share their congratulations with the happy couple.

Usher: this pseudo-attendant job is typically reserved for men, but can also serve as a great way for males she is close with that don’t make the groomsman cut.

Backstage “stager”: know a wedding planner in the making who is also a close friend? They would probably be delighted if you invited them to help out behind the scenes before the ceremony. This individual can keep an eye on time/crowd, dry and pass out bouquets, signal readiness to the person officiating and the groomsmen, and fluff your train before you head down the aisle.

Toast-er: Invite someone you are close with to give a toast – although be sure that it is a role they would be happy to play and not one that will result in a case of stage fright.

Announcer: Ask a friend to announce the wedding party as they join the reception and also to herald other important reception moments such as the cake cutting, first dance, and bouquet toss. This is also a nice personal touch over a DJ or band member making the announcements and also stands a better chance that all last names will be pronounced blunder-free.

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