Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Construction

Ever since we got our keys we have been hard at work renovating the shop.
The current conditions were a lot more accounting firm (the previous tenant) than bridal shop, featuring drop ceilings and commercial carpeting. Needless to say there was a lot to be done:
Our first order of business was tearing up the carpeting and taking down the drop ceiling and florescent lights - already a big improvement!
But now the real work has begun with a team of handy construction workers - you guys are doing a great job!
The heating guys Chris and Pete ponder the best way to set up our heating vents.
Pete and Kurt our carpenters are constructing some fetching soffits to house said heating vents.
Mark and Wally created a lovely arch upstairs to mirror the one downstairs:
Here is a dressing room that we tried to sand ourselves. Good thing we have the pros coming in next week!
My grandpa gets to work putting in pretty new tile in the bathroom:
Sure everything looks like a huge mess now but by next week, I think things will really be shaping up!


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