Friday, September 24, 2010

DIY Save the Dates

Last night Something White hosted a DIY wedding workshop to craft some Save the Date banners. Although a bit labor intensive these banners are just adorable (and I imagine tons of fun to get in the mail). Plus our crafters came up with some alternate options that took a little less time than our original template.

Tasty Party Food!
Crafting away!
Some samples of the end result:

In addition to our original template (the bottom banner in the picture above) here are some other ideas:

Add a little extra flair by layering different colors

Nix all of the paper cutting and use pre-cut tags. We got these at Staples:

Or save on cutting AND assembly by only using one piece of paper for each word:

Once you are done with the banners and easy way to finish up is to print standard address labels with the additional details (Bride and grooms name, formal invitation to follow, etc), pop in an envelop and you're done!

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