Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd Anniversary Idea

I know, I know I’m on this anniversary idea kick lately, but just think it will help many of you in the coming years! But I promise I will take a hiatus from anniversaries and start focusing on weddings after this post; this idea was just too cool not to share!

Many people may not know that the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. This gift stumped me and I have to say my husband did not get something made of cotton on our anniversary; but hey you win some, you lose some. However, if I had found this super cool Brooklyn based quilt maker, Haptic Lab, sooner I might have been able to get him an appropriate gift. Haptic Lab makes “one-of-a-kind custom Soft-Maps that can be commissioned for any place on earth, at any scale: the small town you grew up in, the city or country you're lonely for, or the college campus where you met your mate. These functional art pieces make unforgettable wedding and anniversary gifts and are heirlooms meant to last for generations. Each custom quilt is crafted entirely by hand in Brooklyn and takes 200+ hours to complete. Lead times for custom orders run between six and twelve weeks.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to order a quilt based on where you were married or where you went on your honeymoon? And with the contrasting stitching and interesting details it certainly does not look like something your grandma would have made. These beauties are a bit pricey so start saving now even if you’re not engaged!

Images via Haptic Lab

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