Monday, October 25, 2010

Anniversary Photos

Think about this, after your wedding but before kids there is a lull of taking professional photos, but why? Wouldn’t it be nice to continue chronicling your life year after year to see how things change and to show your kids and grandkids one day?! I think so, which is why I implemented a new tradition for my husband and I: we will be taking professional photos once a year no matter what is going on in our lives. Eventually, when we start having kids these photos will turn into our yearly family photo but until that day I will call these professional photo shoots, “anniversary photos.”

With this mindset, I ask Jennie from JenniferAnne Photography (the genius behind all our website photos!) to take our yearly anniversary photos and I am obsessed with the outcome! I LOVE them all! I’m going to choose a few to put on my photo wall and the rest will go into my ever growing photo album. Below are my some of my favorites, click on the link below to see them all! Thanks again Jennie!

PS- An "anniversary shoot" would also work great as a first anniversary gift since prints are made of paper!

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