Monday, November 8, 2010

Bridal Shower Theme - The Sound of Music

I am half Austrian so I grew up watching The Sound of Music and feeling a certain connectedness to Maria and her harmonious brood. So, obviously when I stumbled across this SOM themed bridal shower, thrown by the gang at I had shout it from the rooftops (or sing it from the hills as the case may be!). Check it out:

Gifts/packages were wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string

crisp apple strudel - yum!

More food, including jam & bread, and lonely goatherd cheese

A true Austrian delight - Almdudler soda

What better party game than guessing a few of the bride's favorite things!
I love this whole move-themed shower idea. Any other movies that would be a good fit???



  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I'm trying to find this on the website.. did they delete the post?

  2. It was actually from their Twitter page - but if you are looking for more info there is not much there that is not in this post. Good luck!

  3. I recently hosted a Sound of Music shower too. I love the Austrian soda you had! Here's a link to ours -