Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Honeymoon Woes!

I have decided that of all aspects of wedding planning the one that I really can't handle is the honeymoon. There are just too many options - the world is literally your oyster. I thought that narrowing our search down to the Caribbean would help but even then there are just so many options!!!  Fortunately I found a few handy dandy tools to help:

1.) The honeymoon section in the back of The Knot magazine.
 The nice organized chart detailing the most pertinent information made the task seem less intimidating.

2.) Their Hotel Finder was really helpful because for those of us who don't know what island they want to go to you are able to narrow the search by other factors such as "on the beach" and "honeymoon friendly" to narrow the possibilities.

3.) Chad. Thank goodness for fiances! After I found myself unable to pull the trigger on anything despite tons of research I decided it was time for reinforcements - or in this case just replacements, as he is now entirely in charge of planning the honeymoon. Phew! Although I am sure he would appreciate any advice that our lovely blog readers have to share. Please comment :)

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