Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses!

You would think that since I own a bridal shop I would have had my bridesmaid dresses picked out and ordered the week after the engagement. However I think that instead of making me proactive it gives me a (perhaps false) sense of security so I actually hemmed and hawed for quite a while before eventually pulling the trigger.

In the end I gave my maids their choice of three gowns by The Dessy Collection all in the same color and in the same fabric:

Style 2802 in Taupe

Style 2804 in Taupe - we will hem short

Style 2787 in Taupe
Keep in mind that while many brides still choose to have all of their maids wearing the same style, it is perfectly acceptable to offer a choice of styles - this can often be helpful if your bridal party has varying body types. It also ensures that they will get more use out of the dress if they can pick the style the like the best. You can still tie everything together by getting all of the dresses in the same color or fabric. You can also try the same dress in different colors. A few other things to keep in mind:
- when ordering gowns, be sure to account for the time it takes to get alterations (3-4 weeks is the rule we go by) in addition to the time it takes for the dresses to come in
- If one of your brides is pregnant don't fret! Maternity styles are often available and bridal shops should be able to steer you in the right direction in terms of measurements
- If you want to stick to a certain budget (always helpful to your maids) be sure to also take the cost of alterations into consideration (at Something White we offer a flat rate of $25 for standard maids alterations) in addition to the cost of the dress.


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