Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: The Dress

SPOILER ALERT: If you are Chad, or otherwise don't want to see what my wedding dress looks like, do not scroll down :)

And now for the post:

As you can imagine, shortly after I became engaged friends and family began to ask which of the gowns in our shop I was going to get for MY wedding dress. Surprisingly I really didn't know. Sure there were dresses that I knew would be under consideration but I think it is hard to choose your wedding gown until you are actually planning the big day. Then when I actually started trying on gowns it was so hard to choose just one - after all, I love a lot of our gowns!
The Ones that Got Away: I loved these gowns but sadly I could only choose one.
Clockwise from top left: "The Brownstone" by Lela Rose, "Dana" by Caroline DeVillo ID Collection, "Lindsey" by The Vineyard Collection, "Callie" by The Steven Birnbaum Collection, "Laurel" by Amy Kuschel Bride, "Cloud 9" by Lela Rose, "Emily"by Fancy, and "Bella" by Caroline DeVillo Couture.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when dress shopping that I learned during my gown search:
- Not everyone will have that "this is THE dress" moment. So if you find a dress you love but don't start crying about it, don't take that as a sign that it is not the dress.
- Wedding dresses by their very nature are pretty and sometimes it can be hard to separate loving a pretty dress from loving a dress for you
- Try not to have preconceived notions. A dress you love should not be discounted because it is not what you pictured yourself in - you never know how you will look in something until you try it on!
- When trying on a lot of dresses they can all start to blur together. We ask brides to rank their top three so that they can narrow down their favorites as they go along.
- If you are having trouble deciding between a few gowns here are some other factors to consider:
  • Which dress do you feel better suits your style and personality?
  • Which dress better fits your venue and wedding theme?
  • Which gown do you think your fiance would like better?
  • Which gown better fits your budget?
After taking all of the above under consideration, here is the gown I chose:
"The Woods" by Lela Rose
Let me know what you think! I'm excited!


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