Monday, April 18, 2011

Runway Report: Fancy

Our sweet spot with Fancy New York is their charming vintage-inspired short and tea-length dresses, so imagine our surprise when we arrived at their booth at market to discover top and bottom separates with LONG skirts. This was not at all to our dismay however as we absolutely LOVE them and can't wait to have them in our shop!

Look how many fun combinations we can get with the various tops and skirts:

Susie top with Bianca Skirt

Juliet sweater with Bianca Skirt

Juliet Sweater with Imogene Skirt

Autumn sweater with Bianca skirt - how cute for a winter wedding!

Luciene top with Imogene skirt

Luciene top with Bianca Skirt

Autumn sweater with Evelyn skirt

Susie top with Evelyn skirt

Blaire top with Evelyn Skirt
With so many adorable combinations how will we (or our brides for that matter) ever choose our favorites!

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