Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Update Wednesday: Mother of the Wedding

With mine, Chad's and our bridal parties looks underway the attention turned to our mothers so that they could find something stunning for the big day. With that said my mom and I recently made our way over to Peneventures in Rocky River to check out their ample selection of Mother of the Wedding apparel. Sure enough we stumbled up on the perfect dress and all-in-all the outing turned out to be none too distressing for my anti-shopping mom. Many thanks to Cassie and the gals at Peneventures! Here is what she will be wearing come June 25:

We get a lot of mom's in the shop with questions about what they should be wearing for the big day, and while I am certainly no expert, here are some general guidelines that I would keep in mind:
- Plan ahead. I think that often moms don't realize that their dress may have to be ordered weeks or even months in advance.
- Wearing one or two dresses is fine. Want to stay in the same frock all day - great! Prefer to switch things up between the ceremony and reception, also just fine. I really think that it is a matter of preference and whatever makes the mom most comfortable. Another easy way to turn your looks is to switch to more glam jewelry before the reception.
- You don't need to wear the same color as the bridal party. Although I don't think that it is a problem to do so either it is by no means necessary. The only color I would suggest avoiding is white/ivory as that is traditionally reserved for the bride. If you would like more guidelines however you can always check with the bride to see if she has any ideas.

One final note is that, while I have never had the chance to go there myself, my future mother-in-law found her dress at Ann's Boutique in Akron. It is just lovely and she said she had a wonderful experience.


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