Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blush Colored Wedding Dress

If you’re a wedding blog junkie like myself you’ve probably already come across Reese Witherspoon’s amazing blush colored wedding gown she wore for her wedding two weeks ago. Her gown reminded me how much I love a subtle blush colored wedding dress, the slight color just seems to provide more whimsy and romance to a wedding and who doesn’t want that on their day?! Perhaps this is why Karin and I fell in love with Lela Rose’s Cloud 9 wedding gown and ordered it in blush rather than ivory. Although some more traditional brides might shy away from a colored gown, if you are looking for something a little different blush could be the way to go. The slight hue can brigthen your complexion and also be a jumping off point for your wedding colors. Sounds like a great new trend to try!

image via People

Lela Rose Cloud 9 image via Lela Rose


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hi! Do you know of any other designers who make this blush/pink hued wedding gowns? It's so beautiful but not widely available. thanks!

  2. Hi! We also love blush colored wedding dresses (!) and actually carry the above Lela Rose blush colored wedding dress in our shop. We will also be getting in new blush colored dress in the next few weeks from Ivy & Aster named Duchess- she is fabulous! Free feel to stop in and take a look!