Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Self-Serve Photo Booth

I wanted to have a photo booth at my wedding but did not want to spend the money on a professional (albeit much easier!) set-up. I figured I could probably rig something myself that our guests could use on their own. Apart from a backlogged printer, I think it turned pretty well.

Here's how to make your own:
1. Create a backdrop. I borrowed one of my sister's photography backgrounds, although a similar effect can be achieved with a fun piece of fabric.

I also wanted to create a "frame" for the subjects to sit behind so I grabbed a large frame, pulled out the power tools and attached the various legs of an unassembled easel to prop it up. This was actually pretty easily accomplished with a drill and a staple gun.

2. Download Sparkbooth at for about $60. This is the software you will need to make your photo-booth self-serve. It gives your guests instructions to take and print pictures with just a few steps.

3. Get your equipment. I didn't want to buy anything new so I just used my laptop with a built-in camera and the color printer I already had. Lucky for me everything worked out fine but if you don't want to risk your own stuff you can also invest in a webcam and photo printer. In addition you will need some  photo paper - I used 4x6 - and depending on the number of guests an extra ink cartridge or two.

 4. Create signage. I created arrows notifying guests where to look, what to press and how to use the photo booth in general. If you don't have anyone to check on the booth from time to time I would also include signage about extra paper and how to load it.

 5. Set up your booth and let the fun begin!

The end result:

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