Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dress Shopping Prep

Real Simple Weddings says this about preparing for wedding dress shopping:

As you start your search for the perfect dress, hit bridal boutiques armed with your own “look book,” containing magazine tear-outs, photos from friends’ weddings, fabric swatches―anything that helps you communicate your taste to the sales staff. And be completely candid about your budget from the get-go. That way, you won’t waste a single moment trying on dresses you’ll never end up buying.

Here are a few more tips that we suggest:
- Bring a friend but not a posse: Too many opinions can be confusing. Bring one or two friends or family members who know when to give feedback and when to refrain.
- Spruce up: It's hard to envision walking down the aisle in a dress when you look like you rolled out of bed. While full-on hair and make is in no way necessary avoid shopping for gowns when you're feeling frumpy.
- Try on a variety of styles: Especially in the beginning of your gown search step outside your style box. It's hard to know how something will look until you try it and often something you hadn't considered will turn out to be surprisingly perfect.

Happy shopping!

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