Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Generation to Generation

My mother-in-law passed this article onto me and I just love the ideas behind it. I feel like you could look at it two ways.

1) If you have one available you could wear a family heirloom dress. We've actually had a few brides in our shop recently doing the same thing- wearing a family wedding dress for their ceremony and then wearing their own wedding dress for the reception. How fabulous would it be to wear the same wedding dress that your mom, aunt, grandmother and great grandmother wore on their wedding days?! What history! And you would still get to express your personality with a reception dress.

2) You could be the first generation to make a family heirloom. If you choose a wedding gown you love, that is good quality fabric (silks, wools, no polyester) and construction and ensure you get it cleaned and preserved after your wedding your gown could be the first gown that generations to come will wear on their wedding day! Although you don't know if future generations will want to wear your dress, it would be nice to have everything prepared just in case.

So what do you think? Which one would you do?

image via article

image via article

image via article

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