Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Wrap Dress for Bridesmaids and More!

We recently got in a sample of the twist wrap dress from The Dessy Collection, and let me just say that it is FABULOUS!  It comes in both short and long in a variety of colors.

Rebecca and I are so smitten with this dress we have both decided to order one for ourselves! Here are the things I love about it:

1. The swishy jersey fabric is super comfortable

2. The top can be configured in a multitude of ways so you can wear it a lot and feel like you have a new dress every time

3. By wearing the dress at the empire waist it can also double as a maternity style (being pregnant myself right not this seems especially handy, but is also a boon for brides with maids who are expecting)
4. It is highly wrinkle-resistent!
5. It only takes a few weeks to come in (versus our usual 9-10 week order time for maids dresses - so a great option for last-minute brides or gals looking for something to wear to that gala in a few weeks)
6. Unless the skirt needs to be shortened it should not need any alterations

Add all this to the fact that it is super-cute and flattering and you pretty much have the perfect dress. Can't wait for mine to get here!!

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