Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saving Your Cake Topper

Earlier this week Chad and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Two of my favorite things that we did to celebrate were watching our entire wedding video and eating our cake topper!

Chad was skeptical of how it would taste after a year of chilling in the freezer, but to our mutual delight it was nearly as delicious as it had been on our wedding night. For those of you getting married soon, I thought I would share my method so that you could enjoy your wedding cake at your reception...and one year later too!

Step 1: Let your baker/reception venue know that you plan to save your cake topper so that they can box it up for you. Designate someone to make sure they leave the reception with cake topper in hand.

Step 2: Preferably the next day (the fresher it is when you freeze it, the better) carefully wrap the topper in a layer of plastic wrap. Repeat.

Step 3: Put wrapped topper in a freezer bag. Then put that in another freezer bag. Freeze.

Step 4: Wait one year :)

Step 5: The morning of your anniversary take the topper out of the freezer to defrost at room temperature for the day.

Step 6: That evening carefully unwrap and enjoy!!

I LOVED our wedding cake so it was really wonderful to be able to enjoy it again. I have actually really been looking forward to it for the past year so I was sad to realize that I was eating our wedding cake for the last time. Something tells me that when we hit 5 years (or maybe just two) I will be ordering a mini replica from our baker, Cake Couture.


  1. What a fun way to celebrate your anniversary! :)

    1. Thanks Glitterista - I see that you are busy planning your big day - hope everything is going well!

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